Postoperative Rehabilitation (Post-Op)

postoperative rehabilitation  
While surgery may repair the damaged tissue, the first step in solving the problem, our Post-Op Rehabilitation Program will help ensure the restoration of normal function.  We offer rehabilitation for you if you have undergone any of the following procedures:

Joint replacements

Spinal laminectomies, kyphoplasties.

Cervical discectomy or fusion

Lumbar fusion

Rotator cuff repair

ACL reconstruction



Achilles tendon repair

In addition to reducing the swelling and scarring that result from surgery, we are interested in helping you achieve the correct alignment of repaired tissues and restoring normal mobility for lifelong results.  Our post-op treatments combine hands-on techniques and nonimpact Pilates exercises to enhance more rapid recovery and performance.  100% of your time would be spent with the physical therapist.  Depending on the complexity of your surgery, the treatments are either 30 min or an hour long.  And at least half of your session would be manual therapy.  The rest of the time, the physical therapist would be training you.  Typically, our patients feel a difference within eight to ten sessions.
Following scoliosis surgery, we offer complete physical therapy services only after healing is complete.  We utilize Schroth-based exercises with modifications that will address the trunk imbalances above and below the surgical area, helping to maximize the symmetrical forces in the spine.  For questions call us at 305-428-2790 or refer to our Inquiry Form.

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