Pilates for Sports Performance Enhancement

Any given sport with its repeated use of the same movements can cause muscular imbalances in the body, and eventually lead to injury and decreased performance.  The least-used muscles can become weak and inefficient with the leading muscles becoming tight and dominant in your body.  Through our Sports Enhancement Program and the characteristic balancing quality of Pilates, your critical muscle balance will be restored.
As an athlete or sport enthusiast, you can greatly benefit from the experience of our physical therapist as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in designing a safe and effective Pilates workout to complement your sport.  All of our Balanced Body® Pilates equipment can be adapted to simulate motions from tennis, running, surfing, golf, martial arts, and gymnastics. While movements are still precise and controlled, we link them to a continuous flow of sport-specific pilates exercises to increase the efficiency of the overall pilates workout.
Overall, this program can help you if you wish to succeed at your sport while keeping your body strong and injury free.  For more details or questions submit our Inquiry Form.
  pilates for sports performance enhancement

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