Pilates for Personal Fitness

Pilates exercise on combo chair  
Whether you are searching for a physical challenge, wanting to lose a few extra pounds, increase your stamina or manage a chronic condition with safe exercise, our Personal Fitness Program on the different Pilates equipment can help.  It is designed to train your body for well-organized and controlled movements so you can enjoy your daily activities with greater ease and a reduced chance of injury.  After this circuit style,  full-body experience, you can expect the following benefits:

A slimmer figure

Corrected posture

A sense of peace and relaxation

The feeling of a stronger and more flexible spine

Recovered body shape after childbirth (for our post natal clients)

Improved skill on a favorite sport

A rejuvenated sense of vitality

All of our Pilates sessions are private and expertly customized by a physical therapist comprehensively certified by Polestar and the Pilates Method Alliance.  Our sessions are designed so that our clients experience Pilates on each piece of Pilates apparatus.

pilates fitness class exercise  
During our private sessions, you will be alternating between 6 different Pilates stations (reformer, cadillac, chair, ladder barrel, orbit, and other Pilates props), spending the proper time at each station.  The sequence alternates between body parts to allow for adequate recovery time with mini-breaks provided as needed.
Each individual Pilates session will run anywhere from 30 min to 90 min.

Enrollment is simple…

Before commencing our Pilates program, you will be required to undergo a quick Initial Screening.  From that point on, you will move onto the recommended Pilates plan.  Once your goals have been explored, the physical therapist will design a Pilates workout well-matched to your physical needs, personal goals, and work or school schedule.  The therapist will carry out reviews at key stages to measure your progress.  


Payment by check made payable to "CorpoSchema Pilates & Rehab" is required at the time of service.  We do not accept credit cards.

Late Policy "10 min"

Being late by more than "10 min" will require you to either reschedule or wait for the next available appointment.  We do not allow appointment overlap because this undeservedly compromises the personalized care of another client or patient.

48 Hour Cancellations

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require a minimum 48-hour advance notice, anything less will result in a "late cancellation fee."  


To inquire about our fees or to schedule an appointment, submit our inquiry form or call us directly at 305-428-2790.

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