Simply Getting to the Core

Apr 15, 2013
By Beatriz

A colleague and I just attended another great course IPA instructorsoffered by the Institute of Physical Art (IPA) in New York City. The course introduced us to a unique functional assessment and treatment program for spine patients. And we learned the CoreFirst strategy (CFS), developed by Vicky Saliba, co-founder of the IPA.

I was amazed to hear from Vicky that if everything you do during the day allows your core to fire, then you don’t need to lie down on the floor and do 30 minutes of core exercises, because you’ve exercised for 16 hours when you go to bed at night. This CFS approach sounds simple but is efficient.  After taking this course, I really look forward to teaching my back patients postural and movement strategies that allow their core to fire all day long.

While bracing or the voluntary activation of the core stabilizers is necessary to improve strength and  endurance, clinical data provides evidence that when a person is properly positioned over an efficient base of support, the core will respond automatically to stabilize the spine when an external force is applied. So, if everything you do during the day allows the right muscles to activate at the right time, in the right way, then your life in itself becomes an exercise!

Last day of the course with CFS instructors in the photo, Vicky Saliba (and her dog in the center).

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