Comentarios de Pacientes y Clientes

"I’m a physical therapist; I started Schroth therapy about 8 sessions ago. I came initially with midthoracic pain that was constant. I had tried other methods for several years and they didn’t work… The Schroth therapy has really helped me achieve being painfree with my lifestyle. It has really educated me with how to achieve a healthy spine, and not just for now, but for the rest of my life. I’ve been extremely happy with the results. I’m very happy to be painfree and continuing with my life and everything that I love to do without any issues. For anyone who is experiencing any type of back pain, I would highly recommend this therapy, and I’m sure you would achieve excellent results as I have."
- L. M., Physical Therapist.  Miami Beach, FL
-Non-Surgical Scoliosis and Kyphosis Treatment Program (adult patient).

"I started doing Pilates in December, and I also decided in January to take a swimming class... During the swimming class I did something wrong, my neck started to bother me after the class and my vertigo came back. I decided to do the physical therapy for the vertigo, I can say now that I am vertigo free, and I am also back to swimming. I can say that I’m a different “fish in the water.” I move like I’ve never moved in the water before. Also, because of my line of work, I happen to work with computers, I started at a very young age… I suffer from tennis elbow. Although I do not play tennis, I got tennis elbow from working on the computer for numerous hours for many years. Beatriz has helped me manage this problem as well. I am also better at swimming now. My stroke is much better because I can lengthen my arms a lot more now when I’m swimming. Now that I have finished the therapy, I’m back to doing Pilates with Beatriz and plan to do it for a very long time."
- M. G., Database Administrator.  Miami, FL
-Rehab Program.

"Fuí diagnosticada con escoliosis cuando tenía 13 años, y me colocaron un 'Boston brace' el cual usé por approximadamente 2 años, y hasta allí llegó mi tratamiento de escoliosis...  Encontré el método Schroth cuando a los 33 años tuve un episodio de dolor en mi columna.  Al principio averigüé por el Internet, y el método me parecía que hacía sentido, era lógico, y busqué lugares donde pudieran tratarme con ese método, y fue como encontré a CorpoSchema.  Los ejercicios que he hecho aquí me han enseñado a elongar mi columna, a trabajar con mis caderas... Los ejercicios han sido diseñados específicamente para mi tipo de curva, así que sé que funcionan para mí y yo los he encontrado muy efectivos.  El dolor se desapareció.  De hecho, al hacer los ejercicios siento como la columna se elonga, en los espejos puedo ver como mi curva se nota menos y menos, y en verdad estoy muy complacida con los resultados."
- M. G. G., Venezuela.  
- Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment Program (adult patient).

"I had never taken Pilates classes before coming to CorpoSchema. I started Pilates in December and it turned out to be the perfect exercise program for me. A few months ago I injured my knee and was not able to exercise at all. I had to discontinue the dynamic exercise programs I enjoyed including ballet, yoga and jogging. After 2 six-week sessions of physical therapy, my knee had not healed completely and was left to figure out the most appropriate exercise routine on my own. I came to CorpoSchema because it is run by a physical therapist certified in Pilates who works with me one-on-one. With each class I felt stronger, more flexible and energized. In just 5 sessions I was able to resume daily activities like walking long distances, standing long periods of time and other forms of exercise.  Pilates at first was challenging but it is doable. The exercise program at CorpoSchema is personalized and modified incrementally to promote improvement. I enjoy it very much!"
- A.A., Architect.  Miami, FL
- Post-Rehab Fitness & Injury Prevention Program.

"I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child and wore a brace for several years. As a middle aged adult I felt I needed to do something to improve my posture, asymmetry and overall balance. Through research I learned about the Schroth method several years ago and it made perfect sense. I was so happy when I finally found a certified therapist in Miami - Beatriz. Her knowledge and ability to communicate the exercises is wonderful. The sessions and the program are very much personalized to the type of scoliosis. Even as an adult the improvement is felt right away."
- B.C., Executive Director Non-Profit.  Miami, FL
- Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment Program (Adult patient).

"I have never done Pilates before, but I started because I'm on a break now from my college.  I'm on Harvard's College dance team, we compete every year in February at a National Dance Competition.  During my break I wanted to do some conditioning. I've actually become more flexible and a lot stronger, which I know is going to help me with my turns and a lot of my other dance activities.  Pilates is definetely good for anyone with any sort of training.  Even though I'm pretty flexible and strong, I discovered that some parts of my body are not as strong as I expected them to be...  I feel a lot better!"
- C.M., Student, Harvard University.  Coral Gables, FL
- Pilates for Personal Fitness. 

"Hi, I had surgery for scoliosis about four years ago by Dr. Michael O'Brien.  I had a spinal fusion, and Beatriz was then my physical therapist.  I have come back to Pilates, and back to Beatriz, so that she can help me realign my hips and my pelvis, and also find my center and my balance.  Pilates has been a great way for me not just to strengthen my core but also to feel like I am continuing to take care of my back in a safe and healthy environment."
- K.J., Associate Director of Purchasing, FIU.  Miami, FL
- Modified Pilates Program for Scoliosis. 


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